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Nadia, Zariah, Kameron, and Chelsea are founders of a national organization called, Daddy Issues Anonymous Incorporated (DIA). These four best friends have taken on the task of executing a three-day long conference, in which they share their unique stories and experiences in dealing with their issues that stem from their parents.

Although the conference is a challenging feat within itself, life does not take a break. During the three-day weekend the four women encounter trial after trial. Nadia receives devastating news and has to decide how big of a role she will continue to play in DIA. Chelsea, who is dealing with multiple personal challenges has to keep her emotions in check, so that she can remain positive for the sake of the conference attendees.


Kameron’s fight with insecurity, gets in the way of her being able to freely, and truly express herself. Lastly, Zariah’s fear of being misunderstood, gets in the way of her ability to advise and support her friends. Will their personal issues get in the way of their mission? Or will these women be able to find a balance between their professional endeavors, motherhood, marriages, and friendships, all while executing a successful conference?

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Interactive Guide

Hello, my Name Is: An interactive Guide was created so that readers could experience the growth journeys alongside the characters in Carlisa's debut novel, "Hello my Name is... and I have Daddy Issues."


The interactive guide is complete with 10 journal entries to get you thinking and onto a path of healing and growth!


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