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Carlisa Marie Moffett ultimately fell in love with writing after joining her fifth-grade creative writing club. The idea that she could lie on purpose without being punished is what intrigued her the most. She never missed a moment to share her stories as she often used her talents to create plays and skits for her local church.


Her journey has led her to realize that the decisions she has made concerning love, and how she views relationships, all stem from the way she saw her parents, (Carlice and Debra) love one another. That realization has also helped her to uncover the fact that the way her parents love each other, is different and separate from the way they love her and her siblings, (Lamar and Shantae).

Carlisa wants her readers to know that her first novel, Hello my Name is… and I have Daddy Issues, was not written from a place of arrival. Instead, she invites her readers to join her as she journeys to uncover life’s mysteries.

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